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Helping you become data driven and more productive whatever your budget.

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At NMIS we're supporting manufacturers of all sizes to embrace digital transformation to beat spiralling energy costs, meet emissions targets and increase productivity.

Join our Digital Factory team and industry partners as we dive into getting started with connectivity and what we've learned on our digitisation journey.

Our sessions will also explore how to enjoy all the benefits of big data without breaking the bank and what you can do to leverage your digital transformation journey to generate more businesses.

Join us for our webinar series to find out more!

Date: Wednesday 18 January 2023

Time: 11.00 - 12.00

Imagine all your new and legacy machines were connected to one shared platform.  Here you and your colleagues could seamlessly link data on anything from machine performance to down time and energy use resulting in increased productivity, quality and availability giving a company a competitive edge in the global market space.  

Perhaps you think it's too expensive. Maybe you wouldn't know where to start.  

Join John Reilly of Digital Factory and AFRC Tier Two Members Booth Welsh as we share learnings from our own digital transformation journey so far, and how you can take the first steps on yours.  

What we'll cover 

We're connecting 73 pieces of workshop equipment and machines, including forging presses, machine tools and furnaces, at our specialist center the University of Strathclyde's Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) and have learnt lots along the way.  

As a research center we're perfectly placed to advise on what worked and what didn't, revealing everything from behind the scenes without being tied to one product or supplier.  

You'll hear about our challenges with network capability and connecting older machines, the logistics of data storage and analytics and the vast potential that a connected factory can bring to your productivity and net-zero goals.   

There will also be a Q&A and information on how to embark on your own R&D projects and find funding.  

Who should join 

Anyone within manufacturing who wants to learn more about digital transformation, its potential and how it can be implemented.  


Date: Wednesday 1 February 2023

Time: 11.00 - 12.00

Hear the phrase 'digital transformation,' and you might think 'big investment,' but integrating connected systems and enjoying the benefits of big data doesn't need to be costly.  

Join this session to learn about low-cost connectivity, its benefits, and how we built a fully digitised DIY system to automate coolant monitoring in CNC machines for under £100.  

The challenges we faced and technologies we implemented are applicable to a whole range of different manufacturing equipment and systems.   

What we'll cover  

Discover how a failed search for commercially available automated coolant monitoring systems resulted in us building our own.  

We'll explain how we identified the measurement criteria, sensors and software before landing on a system incorporating an atmospheric sensor, thermocouple, and an ultrasonic distance sensor connected to an Arduino microcontroller linked to a Raspberry Pi computer. 

You'll also learn about a cost-effective plug and play system for monitoring the air in operators work areas from Fluid Maintenance Solutions to showcase the variety of low-cost technology on offer to help increase your productivity and efficiency.  

Who should join 

Anyone within manufacturing who wants to learn more about digital transformation, its potential and how it can be implemented on a budget.  


Date: Wednesday 15 March

Time: 11.00 - 12.00

Join NMIS visualisation theme lead and MESTEC as we explore the vast, and sometimes unexpected, potential of digital technology and smart processes within a connected factory.

From helping overcome skills shortages to addressing changing customer demands and the increasing complexity of operations – where there’s an industrial challenge, there is also a digital solution.

What we'll cover 

Expect real-world examples from R&D projects designed to improve workshop training, swap out paperwork instructions for digital, overcome quality issues and support people with learning difficulties. 

We will also deep dive into our COREF (Connected Reconfigurable Factory) CR&D project, which is led by Thales and offers opportunities for involvement for growing businesses.

Here we’re using smart tools and processes for complex manufacturing to help make electronic systems design and assembly processes more productive and efficient, while cutting costs.

Who should join  

Anyone within manufacturing who wants to learn about how we’re addressing accessibility and productivity challenges with smart tools and processes and how you can get involved.  


Date: Wednesday 29 March

Time: 11.00 - 12.00

The next webinar in our manufacturing digital transformation series looks at the benefits of transformation beyond increased operational efficiency to explore leveraging data for additional income streams. 

Digital transformation doesn’t end with a dashboard. From servitization of software and machines (think Airbnb for manufacturers) to offering supporting services that help your customers better manage their products, or sharing data with a third party broker, you may have even more to gain with digital transformation than you ever thought possible. 

What we'll cover  

Our Digital and Automation Team Lead Richard Millar will cover the full digital transformation journey, focusing on the many opportunities for leveraging your newfound manufacturing intelligence – whatever your company size or sector.  


Dates & Venues

Datefrom 18 January 2023
DurationOur events in this series will last sixty minutes in duration.