National Manufacturing Institute Scotland

Collaborative projects

Collaboration is a key component of our activity. Find out more about some of the projects and initiatives that the NMIS Group is involved in and, where we may support you.


Digital Factory

Creating a pipeline of highly skilled green jobs and reduce waste and carbon emissions.

PRODIGY: PROductivity and Digital Innovation for Growing Your business


Delivering a series of hands-on upskilling workshops designed to give local manufacturing SMEs an enhanced understanding of how cobotics & 3D printing can deliver efficiency and innovation enhancements.

Data-driven design and manufacturing CoLAB (D3M_CoLAB)


Upskilling local people in data science to help them solve real world manufacturing problems.



Tapping into Scotland’s growing satellite manufacturing sector

Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub


Addressing key manufacturing challenges in the production of high integrity and high value electrical machines for the aerospace, energy, high value automotive and premium consumer sectors.

Future fibre



Delving into eco-friendlier alternatives to the traditional carbon fibre manufacturing process.

Man in safety goggles looking closely at metal making machine

ATI Sprint Hybrid DED

Digital Factory

ATI Sprint Hybrid DED - enabling the next evolution in the manufacturing of forged and formed components for the aerospace industry.

Smart Factory Innovation Hub testbed

Digital Factory

Helping Scottish businesses of any size, harness digital technologies

Three people looking at a manufacturing drill machine

Online training in digital manufacturing and leadership


Helping Scottish manufacturers build a resilient future through the use of digital technology.

Two men working on a turbine blade in a factory

ACT Blade


Replacing the heavier glass fibre design traditionally used for wind turbine blades with a lighter composite for enhanced efficiency.