Lightweight Manufacturing Centre

The Lightweight Manufacturing Centre is the first phase of the Scottish Government’s NMIS programme and is hosted and operated by the University of Strathclyde.

The new centre focuses on working with and developing novel lightweight solutions to help manufacturing businesses face and overcome the challenges of the modern-day world.  

Through working with the Lightweight Manufacturing Centre companies can access world-class expertise and technologies. The team is highly experienced in a breadth of processes and materials and recognises that flexibility is key.

An image of machinery at the Lightweight Manufacturing Centre

We work with businesses from across the manufacturing sector around the world: companies with low volume, high-cost outputs as well as those with high volume, low-cost outputs.

We are flexible in our approach to materials and process challenges. Our goal is to always provide the correct material in the correct process across the sector.

Working collaboratively with industry alongside the academic world, we accelerate innovative technologies along the technology readiness level scale, from fundamental research to production readiness in an operational environment.

Our capabilities

The National Manufacturing Institute Scotland is providing businesses with the means to explore new opportunities, increase and maintain competitiveness whilst also helping to develop a wide, supportive manufacturing supply chain.

Our expertise

Our technical capability extends beyond our state-of-the-art equipment, it’s very much dependent upon the expertise of our people.

Working with us

Working with NMIS gives you access to world-class capabilities and expertise in Scotland.