Lightweight Manufacturing Centre

Our capabilities

LMC is providing businesses with the means to explore new opportunities, increase and maintain competitiveness whilst also helping to develop a wide, supportive manufacturing supply chain.

We recognise that no two businesses are identical. The aspirations and demands of small, growing companies differ from those of large multi-nationals, which is why our approach depends largely on you.

We have an extensive suite of capabilities and expertise that can be exploited by all companies interested in the benefits of manufacturing. Ultimately, we seek to find the best solution and achieve the optimal outcome for your business by identifying your aims and objectives at the outset.

From concept to recycling and remanufacture

We work with manufacturers and the wider supply chain throughout the development cycle; from providing turn-key concepts through to helping you remanufacture parts and products to reduce your environmental impact and costs associated with purchasing future raw materials.

You can choose to work with us throughout the entirety of the cycle, or at any stage that suits your needs.

Being the sister company of the Advanced Forming Research Centre means we can also help companies tap into the wealth of expertise and knowledge within the UK Government’s High-Value Manufacturing Catapult.

Michelle Ferguson Lightweight Manufacturing Centre
Working with the LMC has been so impressive. We had a clear vision of what we hoped to achieve and the team there was totally on-board and willing to embrace the challenge. A true innovation leader, they turned the project around quickly and successfully and we look forward to working together on the next phase. 

Michelle Ferguson
Director of Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company