As the UK works towards the ambitious targets to reach net-zero emissions between 2045 - 2050, the need for more sustainable manufacturing processes has never been greater.

At NMIS, we help manufacturers of all sizes, and from all sectors, seize the opportunity to realise their net-zero ambitions by making it easier to develop and embrace new technologies while de-risking innovation, and supporting them in their efforts to transition to a low carbon economy.

Our net-zero focus

Our sustainability themes are designed to serve as rallying points for collaborations through research and development that will support the manufacturing community to address climate challenges across industry and wider society. 


Net-zero for transportation

Transport plays a critical role in achieving net-zero targets. Recognised as Scotland’s largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, fundamental changes are emerging across various industries including manufacturing.

How we support:

  • We are collaborating on projects that support the move to net-zero, such as the development of efficient, low-cost car batteries to reduce CO2 emissions 
  • Delivering research outputs on the electrification of transport for the automotive and aerospace industries
  • Developing new methods using forming technology, to mass-produce lightweight parts for the automotive industry

Circular economy

A key focus of industrial sustainability, the circular economy encourages us all to look at how products can be designed, manufactured, and repurposed to offer a more continual product life-cycle. The re-engineering of products presents a rich opportunity for the manufacturing sector across Scotland and the wider UK.

What are we doing about it?

  • Additive and sustainable composites manufacture - combining end-of-life components with other materials to produce new products, and reduce waste
  • Offering CPD training in areas such as remanufacturing to help upskill and re-skill those working in the industry
  • Supporting student research projects focused on sustainable manufacturing solutions

Leading the way for manufacturers

Working together with businesses, industry, government, and its agencies to develop and adopt new ways of manufacturing that can support climate action and the nation's drive towards net-zero.

How are we involved?

  • Supporting resource-efficient manufacturing by identifying and researching ways in which companies can do more, with less - less energy, less material, less natural resources, less waste
  • Helping to solve the problems between traditional engineering and design to take new innovative products to market
  • Identify ways in which businesses can retrofit new technologies into their current equipment

NMIS life

The NMIS Group is working towards implementing sustainable business practices and improving resource efficiency with the aim of reducing both costs and waste.

Walking the walk:

  • The NMIS building will house our first factory of the future, which will be energy carbon neutral in operation
  • Installation of EV charging stations for cars and bikes powered by solar energy
  • Using heat sourced from Renfrewshire Council’s ‘ambient heat loop’, wastewater source heat pump
  • Aspiring to have the NMIS building accredited as BREEAM Outstanding 
  • Building cycle paths around the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS) to encourage active travel
  • Taking care of the wildlife and developing the landscape around the site to encourage biodiversity 


Recycling & Waste Management (RWM) Resource Revolution

Electrical machines and drives for aircraft

NMIS Insights: manufacturing net-zero series

Hydrogen aircraft and cryogenic propulsion

INDU-ZERO end event

Industry case studies


ACT Blade

The new wind turbine blade set to make green energy even greener

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Carruthers Renewables

Reinventing the wheel to provide hydropower solution for the developing world

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TGM Lightweight Solutions

Collaborative lightweight car battery concept drives down weight, emissions and production costs.

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Sheet forming

Realising magnesium sheet forming potential using a novel hydroforming process variant

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Digital Factory, NMIS

Kigtek, Siemens and Diageo

Digital twin combined with innovative whisky cask filling solution set to save millions

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