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Featured case studies from around the NMIS Group

Whatever your unique situation is, we're sure that we can help your business achieve its goals. See below how NMIS has helped similar companies from Scotland and around the world make more money, access new markets and become the industry leaders in their field.


ACT Blade

The new wind turbine blade set to make green energy even greener

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Digital Factory, NMIS


New tool accelerates product development process

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Breathe Easy

NMIS helps bring lip-reading face mask closer to medical certification

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Carruthers Renewables

Reinventing the wheel to provide hydropower solution for the developing world

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Digital Factory, NMIS

Kigtek, Siemens and Diageo

Digital twin combined with innovative whisky cask filling solution set to save millions

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Digital Factory, NMIS


Review of part verification techniques helps local manufacturer meet production goals and secure jobs

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MacTaggart Scott

NMIS engineers and researchers provided close examination and testing of the customer’s materials and processes

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Digital Factory, NMIS

Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland

NMIS supported the project by creating an accurate 3D model of the centre to showcase to partners

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RAM Engineering & Tooling

NMIS de-risks new additive technologies for Scottish engineering firm

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The digital team at the AFRC used novel laser scanning and photogrammetric techniques to create a high-quality 3D visualisation of the facility, incorporating the Rolls-Royce’s bestselling engine

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Safran Landing Systems

Researchers and engineers from the AFRC’s forging and incremental technologies team carried out a series of trials on the component using the WF STR600 flow former machine.

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Digital Factory, NMIS

Scotland's Bravest Manufacturing Company

Ergonomic 3D printed sign-cutting tool drives productivity and inclusivity for social enterprise

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Sheet forming

Realising magnesium sheet forming potential using a novel hydroforming process variant

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Support for technology start-up helps it secure funding, access new markets and increase headcount

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An extensive data mining activity on many years of historic Rolls-Royce manufacturing data for fan blades was managed by AFRC engineers.

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AFRC supports development of innovative oil well decommissioning tool

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TGM Lightweight Solutions

Collaborative lightweight car battery concept drives down weight, emissions and production costs.

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Tinsley Bridge Group

A review of forging processes paves the way for automation and a productivity boost.

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Turtle Pack

Support for swimming aid entrepreneur navigating the choppy waters of early product development

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